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Alejandra Silva

UX Researcher & Designer

Hi there 👋 I'm Alejandra.
I like using fancy dandy methods to help people when life gets hard.

I also have a rather unusual background.

Curious? 👇

For 12+ years I've worked in the higher education and design agency sectors. I taught literature, research methods, design thinking and typography.

I also mentored junior designers in navigating stakeholder-designer relationships and developing design processes with real world clients.

Over this period, I've worked with over 2,200 students in Argentina and the United States.

One thing I noticed is how life challenges often make it difficult for young adults to pursue future opportunities.

My work began with local impact in higher education communities in San Juan, Argentina, and Florida, United States.

Now, I aim to broaden my impact through partnerships with socially responsible companies that resonate with the idea of designing for life when things get hard.

Here's my call to action:

If you resonate with the concept of designing for life's challenges, I'd love to chat and explore how we align.

I'm open to remote research + design opportunities, especially with teams that prioritize quality UX research.

I bring to the table my nerdy researcher quirks and a passion for primary research and usability testing.

To get in touch, you can email me at

I believe research-based design methods can empower young adults to create opportunities in education, finances, and health.

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