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Hi, I am Alejandra

I merge research insights with strategic thinking to design user experiences that ignite growth.


UX research & design focus

I enjoy experimenting with research methods and finding respectful and ethical ways to learn about what people say, think and do.

My skillset includes mixed methods in primary research, combining qualitative and quantitative, behavioral and attitudinal methods.

Through these methods, I gather complex data and analyze it using discourse analysis and design thinking methodologies to uncover patterns and synthesize them into actionable insights for team members and stakeholders.

My story into UX

Over the course of  10+ years, I developed academic research, taught at the university level, and worked in editorial design and publishing. These experiences were integral to my ability to conduct end to end primary research, distill complex data, uncover patterns and synthesize findings into actionable insights for students, colleagues, client partners, and stakeholders.

In 2019, I made a pivot in my career, when I started my MFA in Design and Visual Communications as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Florida, with the goal of focusing on problem solving through design. Since then, I developed a strong passion for perspectives such as design research, user experience, and user-centered design.

Lives as stories.JPG

UX methods enabled me to tackle complex, wicked problems, such as creating opportunities for resilience and decision making among the socio-economic challenges young people experience in Latin America.

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